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Manufacturers and resellers

ScaleArt - Manufacturer of trucks in scale 1:14.5.
Brand-Modellbau - Accessories for trucks.
Wedico - Manufacturer of trucks in scale 1:16.
Leimbach - Construction machines.
Servonaut - Speedcontrolers, sound module.
TTM, Thiel-Truck-Modellbau - Reseller for different brands. Also some photos.
Wendscher Modellbau - Manufactures and sells trailers, containers and accessories. - Goods and cargo.
Modelltruckteile - Sells parts and accessories from several different manufacturers.
GEWU Electronic - Electronics.
Veroma Modellbau - Models and accessories.
Kleine Laster - Adapt your EMEK-(toy)modell to RC.

Forum, clubs, magazines - Das forum - Forum. Also many pictures in the postings.
RC Glashaus - A place for driving your truck. Many pictures.
RC Modeltruck - A Danish forum.
RC TruckTeam Sjælland - The Danish version of RC Glashaus.
TRUCKS & Details - A German magazine with articles, reports and great pictures.

Private pages - Pictures of real trucks.
LEGO Trucks - Awesome trucks made up of LEGO!
Fordonshistoriska Lastvagnsarkivet - Models made in carboard!
LEGO Trucks & Cranes - Projects made in LEGO, and then torn down again.
Volvofan - Lots of detailed pictures of Volvo trucks.
R/C Steam Hauler - A guy that has built a steam powered truck. - Gathering of pictures, tips and inspiration. - Wonderfully detailed model trucks!