The model

There are a couple of different manufacturers of radio-controlled trucks. The major and most well known is the German manufacturer Wedico, who produces trucks in scale 1:16. The trucks are assembled on an aluminium frame, with cab, trailer and so on made out of metal. All parts are working like on a real truck, springs, differentials, etc. One can construct an individual truck by choosing from the many different parts. One other well known manufacturer with a similar assortment are the German firm ScaleART. They are mostly producing cabs and parts for tractors in scale 1:14.5. These models are, in my opinion, more detailed and true to original then Wedico. Also Robbe and Tamiya have a selection of trucks in scale 1:14 respective 1:16. These are on a large extent built up from plastic parts, and are sold as complete kits. Besides these manufacturers there are quite a lot of companies selling different parts and accessories. This model will primarily be made up with parts from ScaleART.

The complete truck will consists of a tractor with a container body, in total 665 mm (2.18 feet), long with double axles, both with drive. To this a 930 mm (3.05 feet) long trailer is connected. The trailer will be made up by a two-axle dolly, and three axles in the rear. This makes a total of five axles on the trailer. The dolly will be connected to the trailer by a fifth wheel. This makes it possible to also connect the trailer to tractor with fifth wheel coupling.

The frame is constructed from single parts that are joined together, just like on the original. ScaleART only has short tractors in their model range, so this longer frame has to be custom made. The frame of the trailer will be custom made as well, since nothing like this exists as standard parts.

The cab will be the wonderful model of Volvo FH12/FH16 from ScaleART. The cab is complete with interior and doors that can be opened. Naturally the cab is tilted forward to access the "engine compartment". The cab will be painted in Volvo's metallic green original colour.

As cargo there will be two containers, one on the truck and one on the trailer. These will be swap bodies, thus removable. Since no appropriate container exists as standard parts, these will also be custom made by ScaleART. Wedico has some containers in their assortment, but because of the difference in scale these do not fit. As alternative new ones will be made with the same appearance, but in the correct size. These will be pained white.

Motor and gearbox will be bought from ScaleART. They consists of a Faulhaber high frequency can-motor, mounted together with a two-speed gearbox. This design is fairly flat, and thus enables it to be placed beneath the cab. Therefore the whole compartment inside the cab is left free for other installations.

The rims of these trucks are, just like everything else, made up just like the original. They consist of separate hub etc, and are assembled by small nuts and bolts. For these you would then buy separate tires of the make and looks you feel appropriate. The rear wheels of the truck will consist of double wheels, and the front wheels will be of heavy load type, that is extra wide.

The differentials will have a reduction ratio of 2:1. This will assure even better inch and precision driving. These are manufactured by the specialist of differentials, the company Rüst. Both truck and trailer will have leaf spring suspension, just like the original. These days some trucks are beginning to be equipped with air suspension, and there exists working air suspension even for these models. But I prefer the solution with spring leafs.

At a first stage there will be very little details, I will focus on just to getting the model running. In the future I will complement with more details such as all kind of lights, underride protection beams, stop block, fire extinguisher, different tanks and tool cabins etcetera. You can keep adding details to this kind of model almost forever!